Marquise StillwellMarquise Stillwell

Marquise Stillwell

Founder and Principal

What did you do before Openbox?

Openbox has always been a part of me. Openbox is actually an extension of all the things I've been thinking about and building since I started my career.

What do you like about the work you do?

I love people, and I love building community. I’m passionate about creating spaces that acknowledge our shared humanity, but that also value our differences. And I’m interested in how we might use culture—art, music, activism, design—as catalyst to bring us all together.

What does inclusivity mean to you?

Inclusivity is respecting differences and finding common alignments that allow people the space to be who they are while always welcoming new points of view. Ultimately, inclusivity makes us all smarter and stronger.

When do you feel most like yourself?

Everyday, everywhere, with everyone.

I spend a lot of time thinking about...

How to encourage Openbox and the organizations we work with to be more cultural-centric and culture-aware.