We’re design-led and people-inspired

Uncovering motivations

The design team uses deep qualitative research—interviewing people in their homes, workplaces and neighborhoods—to understand what people need and want, what’s working and what’s not, and how we might make something more useful, meaningful and impactful. Those in-context conversations, paired with the capabilities of our client and marketplace demands, are synthesized by the design team and used as inspiration for our people-centered strategies.

Getting tangible quickly

We are just as likely to bring tangible ideas—early sketches, interactive exercises, a storyboard of possibilities—to our research phase as we are in our prototyping phase. These physical prototypes help us get on the same page: when we’re able to talk about an actual “thing” rather than an abstract idea, we can push ideas forward faster.

Building trust with people

We are intentional about building trust with the people we’re interviewing, and recognize that this piece cannot be rushed. To that end, we spend time understanding who we should be talking with. We use our skills as designers and facilitators to make sure everybody feels included in the process. This helps everyone feel ownership of the end result, which ensures greater impact.

Image courtesy of some plants.


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