Jean-Paul QuashieJean-Paul Quashie

Jean-Paul Quashie

Studio Manager

What did you do before Openbox?

I worked in the Fashion/Modeling industry. Life before Openbox was very different—everything from work culture to thought processes.

What do you like about the work you do?

I enjoy structure, in my personal and professional life. A lot of my friends look to me to plan, organize and execute, which to me was a appealing part in coming to Openbox. I think helping to get the studio on one accord, and being the "go-to" person is fulfilling, but also reimagining new ways to improve workflow or assist in production.

What does inclusivity mean to you?

Inclusivity to me means feeling as though everyone is accounted for, everyone's emotions, thoughts and background are all taken into consideration because we all come from different walks of life.

When do you feel most like yourself?

When I'm traveling. There's a certain "carefree" feeling when out of NYC. I feel that the guard/wall I put up when walking the streets of NYC is placed down, and I can be more truthful with myself.

I spend a lot of time thinking about...

Family + a prosperous life.